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Welcome to Dr. Nirmal Roy’s Specialist Clinic

Discuss  your  Sex  Problems  with  a  Sex  Specialist / Topmost  Sexologist  /  Sex  Doctor  as  early  as  possible  otherwise  it  can  spoil  your  Personality.
We  are  a  team  of  Top  Sexologists  /  Best  Sexologists  doctor  in  Kolkata  (Calcutta)  for  male  &  female  and  we  have  helped  more  than   1 (one)  Lacs   men  and  women  of  all  ages  lead  a  happy  sexual  life  which  they  could  never  imagine. 

Sexual   problems   are   very  common  and  a  majority  of  people  feel  embarrassed  while  talking  about  it  and  seeking  a  solution  for  it,  the  result  is  a  ruined  relationship,  divorce,  loss  of  self  confidence  and  self  esteem  and  increased  level  of  stress.
The  unique  creation  of  God  and  the  most  precious  gift  we  have  been  bestowed  upon  is  LIFE  -  a  golden  opportunity  to  live  and  enjoy  to  the  full  on  this  beautiful  planet.  But  to  some  unfortunate  people,  this  so  called  boon  brings  pain  and  suffering  due  to  SEX  PROBLEMS.
Ushering  in  a  new  direction  to  the  woeful  sexual  diseases,  keeping  burning  desire  to  get  rid  of  this  ailment  successfully,  we  have  been  trying  our  level  best  to  cure  the  effected  people,  and  with  this  begins  a  new  era  as  the  disease  is  no longer  looked  upon  as  a  curse  or  menace  to  human  life.
We  at  Dr. N. Roy’s  Specialist  Clinic  offer  cure  Best  Sexologist  for  common  sexual  problems  like  Erectile  Dysfunction,  Premature  Ejaculation,  Loss  of  Libido  (loss  of   sexual  desire),  Infertility,  etc,  through  a  right  combination  of  counseling  and  Ayurvedic  medication.  and  We  also  Treat  Piles,  Fissure,  Fistula,  Hydrocele ,  Sexually  Transmitted  Diseases  Without  Operation.

Sexual Problems in Male
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Sexual Transmitted Diseases
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Premature Ejaculation
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Welcome to Dr. Nirmal Roys Specialist Clinic
We at   Dr.  N.  Roys   Specialist   Clinic   offer   cure   Best    Sexologist   for   common   sexual problems   like   Erectile Dysfunction,   Premature   Ejaculation,   Loss   of   Libido   (loss of sexual desire),   Infertility,   etc,   through   a   right   combination   of   counseling   and   Ayurvedic medication.   and   We    also   Treat   Piles,   Fissure,   Fistula,   Hydrocele,   Sexually   Transmitted Diseases   Without   Operation.
Tips to Revive Sex Drive
Sex Problems - Stress, medication, relationship issues and lifestyle choices such as smoking and alcohol consumption can be the reason behind low sex drive. You can check them to revive your sex life.
Premature Ejaculation Treatment

This isthe condition in which discharge of man takes place quickly thus leaving thepartner dissatisfied. Proper treatment can efficiently remove this defect &will surely bring happiness in life of sexually discomforted couples.

Sometimessexual dissatisfaction leads to ending of the marriage. But it is disease thatcan be efficiently healed by using avuyvedic products. Dr.Nirmal Roy , a wellrenowned sexologist clinic in Kolkata ,Sodepur  is offering Premature Ejaculation Treatment. The offered medicines arecomprised of minerals, vitamins, metals & other natural ingredient whichhelps in enhancing the blood circulation. The improved blood circulation helpsin improving the cell growth causing the strengthening of the nerves.


  • Increase intercourse time
  • Improving quality & quantity of sperms
  • Improved sexual desires
  • No side effects
  • This treatment is used for:

  • Early ejaculation
  • Low stamina
  • Thinness & less quantity of semen
  • Less intercourse time
  • Weakness of nerves/veins in penis


Sexual Problems in Men
Sexual problems in either of the two partners can be devastating, but there are many treatment options available for treating them.
What are the Reasons for Premature Ejaculation ?

Sex  Problems   The  reasons  for  premature  ejaculation  can  be  physical,  psychological   and   medical.  Most  of  the  reasons  for  premature  ejaculation  can  b e effectively  negated  with  medical  treatment  or  psychological  counselling.

Can Obesity Cause Sex Problems in Man ?
Obesity which causes a lot of other diseases can also cause an erectile dysfunction in you. Here is a look at the how that happens.Can
Cancer and Sexual Dysfunction in women
Cancer and Sexual Dysfunction in Women: Sexual dysfunction in women after undergoing cancer treatment can be due to physical as well as psychological causes. They need to take the treatment accordingly. The sexual dysfunction may be caused by cancer or even the procedures involved in its treatment.
What Causes Loss of sexual Desire ?
Sex  problems   Loss  of sexual desire is caused due to various reasons such as smoking and drinking. Sometime the reasons for loss of sexual desire are different for men and women.
Female Sexual Problems

Female Sexual Problems: Problems that arise at any phase of sexual response cycle are referred to as sex problems. There are varied and complex causes of female sexual problems.

How to Prevent Premature Ejaculation
Premature   ejaculation  is  more  common  in    young  men    who    dont    have    much    experience   of  sex.  Here  are  few  of   the   tips  to  prevent   premature   ejaculation.
What Causes Sexual Problems in Man ?

There are numerous physical and psychological reasons associated with male sexual problems. All these problems can be treated permanently with a little bit of care and proper medication.

Causes of Infertility
Sex Problems - Causes of Infertility in women are many and one of the common ones is ovulation disorder. Read on to know more about the causes and treatments for female and male infertility.
Tips to Revive Sex Drive

Sex Problems - Stress, medication, relationship issues and lifestyle choices such as smoking and alcohol consumption can be the reason behind low sex drive. You can check them to revive your sex life.

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